You’ve heard the doctors, you’ve seen the food pyramids and you notice that it’s all about pushing a low fat diet. The problem is that when you really take a look at what’s going on you see a weight epidemic, sugar and carbs everywhere you turn, and the same old story in the mainstream media of limited calorie and low fat to lose weight and be a healthy eater.

The trouble is many doctors are going off outdated information and still recommending a low fat high carb diet, even diabetics are still recommended carbohydrates even though carbs are very bad for them and their system can’t handle the sugar. On top of this the food industry pays millions to have the mainstream media work to promote foods that these companies make keeping many dependent on its consumption, especially those on medication so they can buy more. Ultimately it is a conflict of interest, and at low carb coach we want to bring you the best information that we can so you can educate yourself and stay healthy on your own without depending on the food companies.