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Fifty years ago I took up boxing and to maintain my weight division I was eating more than ten thousand calories per day! After ten years of very heavy training I decided to make my government job my priority. My exercise went from hours per day to a few hours per week. The only thing that didn’t change was my “eating habits”! After a number of years I soon realized that I had a major eating problem. One day, having found myself in three restaurants in as many hours, I decided that some serious action was in order. I knew that calorie reduction wouldn’t work for me because it always left me starving. After hearing about Atkins, from a friend, decided that “this was for me”! After four and a half months, on Atkins – Level 1, I dropped eighty-five pounds and went from forty-two percent to eighteen percent body fat without exercise. After not being able to lose weight in years, I could hardly believe it. My energy levels increased so much that I took bicycling seriously for the first time in my life. I now have four road bikes. I am now seventy-one and have lost approximately one hundred pounds on Atkins, level one and have kept it off for more than thirteen years. The reason I find Atkins best is that telling an over eater to limit their calories is like telling an alcoholic to limit themselves to “only” two drinks per day. By limiting my carbs to less than twenty grams per day, I’m able to remain in control over my eating. Mike, Ottawa ON 
01 – Mike Scott
I had slacked off from the gym for a while and was looking for a way to shed some extra pounds and inches quickly while heading back to the gym for regular workouts.  I consulted with Jason and he suggested trying low carb for two weeks to see how the results would be. Wouldn’t you know it, just one week in I had dropped 7 lbs, an inch on my waist and most amazing of all; my hips had loosened up all on their own. I had tight hips for many years and wasn’t able to really stretch them out and they were always sore when stretching them as well. I cannot say for sure that a low carb diet loosened my hips, but I can say that I changed nothing else and one day just noticed the difference. Thanks for introducing me to the low carb diet Jason!
02 – Peter
loyal client
I loved reading the "Low-Carb Coach"! It was easy to read, understand and follow. I really enjoyed that Jason included a bit about his personal history, what drove him to change his eating habits, and an update on where he is today. The book flowed very well from beginning to end - I had a hard time putting it down!
03 – Karen
happy client