My Journey

I lost over 100 lbs on a low-carb diet (without exercise) and kept it off for 10 years. Read about my struggle with food in my FREE ebook and how a low-carb lifestyle can help you too!



For most of my life, the dominant topic on my mind had been food. No matter where I was or what I was doing, my next food fix was always front and center. Whether it was writing a test for school, working at a part-time job or even playing video games late at night, food was always my preoccupation.

Im elementary school I would always have odd jobs to earn money for junk food like chips, pop and candy and have many weekends of full of junk food and video games. This crucial period of my life basically set the assumption that this lifestyle was okay for me to have forever. It’s easy to assume that certain aspects of our lives are okay simply because we don’t see immediate consequences; however, the mere fact that I had set the habits of eating junk constantly became a very harsh consequence for a big chunk of my life.

My poor eating habits carried on through high school and into college as my health deteriorated in return. All the fast food burgers, greasy pizza and ridiculous restaurant meals finally caught up to me with almost constant acid re flux and heightened anxiety.

It wasn’t until my late twenties working in Ottawa as I rode the bus to and from work and talked to Mike, a fellow i met on the bus that I learned a little more and received the answers to my questions. I said to myself, ‘Here is a guy that is over sixty years old and is in better shape than anyone I know. Who am I going to listen to: my doctor, the news, or a man who has proven results and an answer to each of my questions?’

Eventually I made a commitment to Mike that I would try going low-carb for two weeks and that I would give it my best, which I did. Wouldn’t you know, I’ve been going strong for over ten years now!